About ThinkNitesh

Howdy, thinkers!

Welcome to ThinkNitesh, a blog developed for science enthusiasts and geeks. This blog deals with different thoughtful topics related to day-to-day life. ThinkNitesh is not limited only to scientific topics, but it also looks for questions related to networking, blogging, writing and lot more. The main motto of this blog is to quench the curiosity of people and help them to understand this beautiful universe in a better way.

The creation of this blog, ThinkNitesh, was actually a sudden idea. After doing a lot of brainstorming about different scientific questions and sharing ideas on a blockchain based social media site, Steemit.com, I found that it would be better to make a separate blog to get maximum exposure. So, I created ThinkNitesh which could rank on search engines and help maximum number of curious people searching for answers. This is how ThinkNitesh came into existence on 18th September 2017.

Here is what you’ll find on ThinkNitesh.com:

  • Deeply informative posts about different scientific topics
  • Latest interesting news about different scientific inventions and research
  • News about new innovations in the field of technology
  • Many amazing tips and tricks for blogging and related stuff
  • And of course, some posts related to entertainment


About Nitesh Prasad

Hello, I am Nitesh Prasad, the human element behind ThinkNitesh. I am a blogger since 2013 and have worked on different blogs. But most of my past blogs don’t exist now except www.osbusters.net, which was my first blog. OS Busters was a success and from there I got the motivation to work on more blogs.

I have a great passion for writing, reading and thinking. I am a science enthusiast and a tech freak. I like to get in touch with latest science news and tech innovations. But above all I am a learner, always trying to learn new things.

My journey as a tech lover started when I got my first PC in the year 2011. That was a turning point in my life. It opened up a new vast world of endless information and opportunities to me. From there I began to learn different programming languages and later on started developing ROMs and apps for Android OS. I am working as an android developer from last three years.

Here are my developer and blogger profiles :

XDA | YU Forum | MIUI Forum

Google Plus | Steemit

I have created ThinkNitesh to bring awesome new ideas related to science and technology to the common people in a lucid and entertaining way. I wish, my initiative helps the people.